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Constructing a Beautiful Local Landscape Here on Vancouver Island

Happy April everyone! We hope everyone is enjoying their start to spring so far and has been able to get outside to enjoy the weather.

This time of year is always exciting for us because it’s the start of our busy season, and boy, do we have a packed schedule for new builds, renovations, and remote work ahead; it’s going to be fun.

This month’s blog is all about our awesome local community here in Tofino, the shared connection that we have as a company that has helped shape the identity and landscape in a positive way, and why when you’re looking to hire a contracting company that they need to check some boxes in order to get the results you want.

Let’s dive into those boxes (figuratively, of course).


We love Tofino; we’re from here, and we are a part of the community as much as anyone else. We love the nature that surrounds us, the people it attracts internationally for the sandy beaches, rainforest, and surfing, and most importantly, we love the locals.

In order to be a successful contracting company, you have to be deeply rooted in the community and prioritize projects that benefit the local landscape and residents.

We’ve done that; from the Tofino Wilderness Resort expansion to building a heavy-duty retaining wall and dock structure for Tofino Harbour, we understand the unique characteristics and needs of the area, reflecting this understanding in their construction projects.

You can see these projects below.


A good contractor in Tofino or anywhere on Vancouver Island will know to prioritize environmental sustainability in their projects due to the strict preservation laws to keep our island beautiful. Years of experience are important here because the last thing you want is to hire a contractor who is learning these things as they go, and then, all of a sudden, you’re getting hit with a fine or terminated project.

Our natural beauty is what we have to be cognizant of, from the vegetation to the wildlife, our team works in synergy with them to ensure your project gets done properly.


With the day and age we live in, using eco-friendly materials with any project, such as building a home, renovation, restoration project, and more, we pride ourselves on construction techniques to minimize our environmental impact.

Here are some of the benefits that eco-friendly materials bring:

1. They will help with the resale value of your home

2. They are high quality, low maintenance, and durable

3. Using eco-friendly materials helps reduce energy consumption

4. Using eco-friendly materials helps to conserve natural resources

Give us a call for a quote and see how we’re helping the environment with the materials that we use.


Hiring a local contractor, as you’ve read throughout this blog, has ample benefits and just makes sense for a local project, but the biggest thing they bring to the table is that they are the most informed when it comes to cost planning, factoring into shipping and material costs.

A cost plan, for those unfamiliar, are documents that outline the estimated costs of a project from the design stage to the completion, and far too often, we have seen contractors that aren’t as informed make the mistake of missing something, resulting in the costs going up.

Our team will lay out a specific plan to ensure all costs are accounted for.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s blog and got some good information from it. It’s going to be a big year for us as it’s going to be our biggest year yet for projects, which is very exciting!

If you have a project that you’re thinking about this year, get in touch by clicking here! and we’ll give you a quote.

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